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Last year I was contacted by the Nakatomi Invitational to produce a T-Shirt and Print based on the theme of robots. So I racked my brain and came up with MILTON GLASER V. MAGMA TAISHI a tribute to the only robot with long beautiful flowing locks, Osamu Tezuka's Magma Taishi (Goldar in the US) done in the style of 60's poster designer Milton Glaser.


Limited edition T shirts and Prints are available for one month only, so check it out if you have a chance.


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That's right!  Lauren's Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls are landing and are available for pre-order at!!! Milky Way, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are scheduled to ship November 19th for any Earthling who wants to secure their order now.  This initial run of "series 1" gGirls have only been made in limited quantities, so don't wait too long to secure yours!!
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Hello All,

I've always been drawing and typically my stuff (when it doesn't end up on your TV sets) just sits on a shelf in my office collecting dust. So back in '07, inspired by the work my wife was doing  with her brilliant Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls I decided to dust off some of those drawings and try and hock some of my own wares.

So that year at Comic Con I debuted my nomadic, hippie, muppet man, Wander Over Yonder. It was a real simple affair, a T- Shirt, a patch, and a sketchbook of some of my taken 'er easy, getting back to nature doodles. Wander was well received and after a good con we still had some stuff left over. So as to not let this "rolling stone" gather too much dust like my drawings used to I'm proud to announce that Wander has launched his very own webstore. So please Wander on over and check it out when you get a chance.

Thank you kindly,


(PS--shirts come in men's and women's sizes, and the sketchbook comes signed)
Glad to hear that you all liked Destination Imagination , and pleased that you were all sufficiently Rick-rolled. This update is actually an update on another update that was just updated.  Phew.  I'd like to make you all aware that my crazy talented wife, (writer of Destination Imagination) Lauren Faust has just done a complete and total overhaul to her Milkyway and the Galaxy Girls site.

Here you'll find not only a LOT of information on the Girlaxy but a LOT of LOOT as well, the store's open!!

Over and out,


Oh "The Powerpuff Girls Rules" Special airs on Jan, 19 and the Complete PPG Series DVD box set is out the next day on the 20th.
I haven't posted in awhile because I've been busy on some CN projects one of which I can talk about now as we officially announced it at Comic Con.

2008 is the ten year anniversary of the Powerpuff Girls and to celebrate we're doing a brand new half hour special!!  I wrote it and storyboarded it and it's being animated by the Foster's flash unit and it's looking really slick!  Where was this program 10 years ago?

After all these years it was fun to go back to those characters. It's classic PPG, lots of silliness, lots of action, and hopefully lots of fun for the fans.

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Sorry for not posting that much lately. Work has me very busy with a couple of "new" projects that I'm really excited about (Hope you will be too) So my time to scan and post things has been slim.

Though when I get through this current CN project I hope to add more stuff.

Thanks again for the support, It's nice to see what reactions I get from some of my ideas.

Like Adventureman! for instance, That's the subtlest thing I've ever done, so much so that I didn't think that anyone but Lauren and I would get it. But the fact that so many of you picked up on the concept has encouraged me to keep messing with it.

Welp, back to boarding,

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Well, I thought I'd give this Journal thing a crack. First off I'd like to thank everybody for the warm reception I've received since I joined DA a few weeks ago. I never imagined this page would get so much attention so fast, I just wanted a place to display some of my drawlins. Shucks guys, I feel very flattered and welcomed.

I thought I'd clear up a few lingering questions:

1.Yes, I am REALLY Craig McCracken the Cartoonist, just ask my Wife or my Mom.

2. Though I appreciate all the compliments you've given me for Samurai Jack, but in all honesty I had nothing to do with and never worked that show. It was all Genndy Tartakovsky and Paul Rudish, the credit goes to them for creating all that amazing stuff.

3. Yes I have seen the porn. Let's just leave it at that.

Welp that's it for now, I'll keep posting stuff as I'm really enjoying myself here at DA.

Thanks again,

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